Women Leaders – Series 2


This post is dedicated to my bestie! It is my gift dedicated to her on her special day, the day she came into this world. She is as fierce as a lioness and as gentle as a flower. I know her for as long as I know myself.

She has been my role model, since I was a kid. She was always the captain and me a player (and sometimes a substitute). I take pleasure in sharing her  career decisions she took to have a work life balance. Not many can always take this tough choices. Let her move be a motivation to the many who feel that there cannot be a second career.

There are definitely many sites and options for the Moms who choose to be at home, not so until a few years ago.

My friend Trupti decides to give up her lucrative job as an Accounts Manager and decides to spend her time raising  her two lovely daughters. The decision yielded good results and the kids are fairly independent and on their own today.

During our chats one thread of discussion which would often come up were the various options of how she could kick start her career. My enthusiasm in guiding her in this path, led us  to explore multiple options of work from home assignments. There were certain risks involved in dealing with unknown entities. Further the US slowdown added to our worries as some jobs stopped coming to India. In the meantime there were companies which has assignments which can be done as per her convenience. While she was happy doing those tasks, I would get restless, as I always believed she was made for something more bigger.

She’s a task master and a number cruncher and has balanced the accounting sheets all her life. Hence the routine tasks meant under utilising her capabilities and potential.

She was not far away in her quest for a meaningful second career.

There were many who approached her for joining the Insurance company. Though the advisors have been around for a long time now, the value propositions which the current service provider offered, gave her a strong reason to pursue this  option. She was now in the business to  educate the folks about covering their risks.

As an individual we are all worried about the unknown and the unforeseen. Having seen some close mishaps due to lack of awareness of the right insurance policy, she decides to take this assignment.

My rational mind did not support her initially. I always felt  ‘selling’ was the most toughest job. I wanted her to take up an easier task.

As the saying goes, one cannot refuse the ‘calling’, and if it is someone as genuine as this Lioness, success cannot be far away.

Within a year of her joining the team, she has climbed up the ladder. She continues to live life on her terms and she dictates her work hours.

‘GIG economy’ is here to stay . The ones who have  the fire in their belly and a genuine heart can flourish in  whatever they chose as a profession.

“True Happiness lies in being content” that’s been her status for a long time.

She breaks all my myths about the rules of the game. To me it’s not a novice to look at her fiercely chasing her goals. In the younger days it was the swiftness of her pace with which she won over the opponents at Kho Kho, today it is crunching the numbers with her team. This lioness is here to stay ..



Women Leaders – Series 1

It’s been on my mind to write about enterprising gals who want to make it on their own. NaMo supporting the Make in India drive, I couldn’t help noticing the budding or blossomed bouquet of ladies who are creating a niche for themselves.

This series is gonna be my experiences with fascinating ladies who took a break from their main stream career or who decided to just BE Themselves. Some gals I admire.

Madhura has a natural inclination towards arts. She has choreographed dances for kids and ladies alike. Every dance choreographed by her has more depth than what meets the eye.

From making kids Patriotic in one year and making a recap of Bahubali the other, the creative director in her definitely screams out.

One year it was the ladies coming together for #MileSurMeraTumhara and this year about #womenempowerment and recognising the #streeshakti and divine powers within every lady. It was a group effort and it was a visual treat.

Madhura’s latest venture is #SilverStories . This took of as a very simple jewellery group , it is now being re-branded as #designyourjewellery #refurbishyouroldjewellery #createamakeover at #affordable #rates.

Last week I was confused what to wear with my latest saree, lo she created 3 options. The advantage of being the next door I had an option to wear what suited my frame of mind in the morning.

I proudly present Madhura Magdum to my friends. You can WhatsApp her for your jewellery needs. It’s a gifting season specially for the women in your life…

Trust me she can create interesting stuff, to top you design it in your mind and she will create it for you!

Wishing Madhura the best in her new venture. As we venture out this week celebrating the Women around ,let me wish this lady abundance good fortune her way !

#MakeinIndia #Silverstories #womenenterpreneurs #emergingwomen

Is your Net Working?




Vikrant is in his late thirties .He was working in a leadership role in a mid size company , the company was not doing well for the past several months. He did not move out thinking the situation will be revived. The #management took a  tough stance and asked Vikrant to leave. He got this blow when he was least expecting it.

Rachel is an HR Manager , she receives a call from her ex colleague , Maya enquiring if there are any opportunities for a #Technologist. Maya is trying to help her husband find a job as in the #IT downturn ,he is on bench along many of his colleague. Rachel is in a senior role and is well connected.

Shilpa works for an #NGO and often looks for sponsors to conduct welfare programs for rural development. She has a wide reach  and is well known in the political and social #network.

Does these folks and situation seem familiar ??

Vikrant , Maya and Shilpa turn to their close aides in such situations.. Family provides the best shelter during tough weather, however a trusted group of professionals tide you over a career hurricane . When you climb up the ladder of your #profession, we often ignore the importance of having a reliable bunch of well wishers. Whenever there is a fall from a greater height , your professional safety network of friends , spare you the brutal crash .


Safety Professional  Net 

In this age of digitisation , where the #milenials are hooked to use #socialnetwork and #GenX are re establishing their careers ,having a  strong network is very crucial.


Some points to ponder while Networking :

  1. Be Active: We are all part of many social and professional forums on different networking site. It may not be possible to be online always. Ho#wever as a member of the group, you are expected to contribute. Whenever there is a need from a fellow member, be there to respond if you can. It is important to contribute, so that you have responses when you seek information.
  2. Be Genuine: Some members are all well connected and highly influential. However, when they are approached for a genuine connect or a support, they vanish. Remember that your current role or position is pivotal to many in your network, don’t just pretend to be there, “Be there” for your fellow colleague.
  3. Networking groups are not career sites: Networking groups are not career groups , do not expect to get you your dream job in any of the social networking seminars or programs. You can build your visibility , it does not guarantee you a job. Keep your ears open, but try not to be labelled as a “job seeker” within the forum. It dilutes your “ personal brand value.
  4. Avoid over marketing: Do not use your network to bombard with personal / company’s marketing information. Share the information with absolute tact and prudence.
  5. Choose the right forums : For HR folks there are established forums like #NHRDN, #HRIA, #MTHR, etc. Similarly   each profession has its groups. Be associated with the right bunch of experts!

In the financial parlance, to increase your net worth by investing in SIP in your early years. For your professional security, start building your net work, early in your career, it will help provide you the comfort, when you need it the most!

Happy Networking!

Pink Roses and Slips

Friends are the family we chose for ourselves. At workplace where we spend maximum of our waking hours, can we make real meaningful friendship? If you are in #HR can you maintain a good friendship? These questions I try to explore while I travel down memory lane.

The first Sunday of  August  is celebrated as World Friendship Day. My first memory of celebrating Friendship Day was during our college days, the celebrating environment, the excitement of tying bands to close friends, known faces and absolutely unknown faces !

The relevance of friends in our life also changes with passing years. During the earlier stages in my career in #HR, I was extra careful of not making friends within the organisation. The old school theory laid importance on #HR being the neutral member and having an unbiased opinion. Hence taking unbiased decisions at work place, maintaining confidentiality for sensitive matters and taking tough management  This  made it difficult to make close friends within the organisation.

As we approach August, I remember some of  my very close friends just disappearing away from my life. There were many reasons, interests change, common problems vanish or career paths differ. Though we loose connects with some good work pals who change organisation. The dilemma whether a Manager can remain a good friend continues.

On one hand HR has to be friendly but maintain the equilibrium of not getting too close. Most of us feel like a split personality, when you giggle with friends during tea breaks and at another time raise alarm when the tea breaks extends.

Some cautions in general when as #HR or #Manager we make friends within office:

  1. Personal information: Sharing too much of personal information and worries can form opinions. Every friend has a best friend. What you think was shared in confidence could be the latest grapevine.
  2. Taking tough decisions: When you have to convey a strong message or an unpleasant news, it is tough when as HR/ Manager.
  3. Professional rivalry : It is difficult to rule out professional rivalry which can happen between close friends.
  4. Goals : Our decisions are based on the goals we aim at, hence there are bound to be clashes , if there is no common goal.
  5. Feedback : It becomes tough when as a Manager you have to give feedback to your best friends on areas of improvement. 

    Some relations are beyond the boundaries of personal and professional realms! Lets continue our journey with good pals around 🙂


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Cast Finally Away

This blog is a rather long dreary unplanned one just like the Cast which was cast over me.

A lovely wintry weekend morning, the usual urge to remain fit pushed me out for a morning walk. However that morning  I was far too excited to try my jogging as the overly publicised SCMM was few weeks away. I  desperately needed to make it to the “Dream Run” ! Little did I know that the Dream Run was a Nightmare round the corner!

For a 40+ , the ideal way was  to take the elevator , however the overtly enthusiast A+ personality decided to tide against time and use the stairs and top it by racing her teen son. Three floors down,I was leading and then the thump and the twist, thankfully I did not topple down. The ‘ouch’ made sonny worried!” Its ok mamma “lifted the spirited mom and continued limping down and in no time walking and then a few jog to push the young chap to run further. After a few hours of usual weekend chores and drive, I realised the pain needed the doctors attention.

The OT room sounds deadly but that was where I was (it being a casualty room) the Doctor categorically said “Madam, yes you will have to be on this ‘cast’ for atleast a month”! These words hit me and I was in for the shocker shock of this year! I asked him in many words if this is really a fracture, as what had happened was  a twist in my routine, pun intended!

This episode was really getting serious, month end, my bosses and my family out there who were totally unawares , worried me. All said and done, I was wrapped up in my first and I called my angel bro to get me picked up, another pun. Two sweet assistants stretched me till the car and lo my hulk bro lifted and dumped me in. Knowing the selfie freak , he clicked me with my first cast as soon as I stepped out!

Within few days, I was out to work with my walker. The feeling was similar to having a new toy, from excitement and then to embarrassment! I  remembered my Doctors words, use this walker  for yourself and not to shield LKK  syndrome ( log kya kehenge) just ignore and walk with confidence.


I am indeed blessed to be surrounded with wonderful people, my boss, my colleagues who walked up to me for anything. I did not have to throw my weight (pun again) around over the last month. For this  I also heard a comment that I will have to start walking soon to shed those extra pounds 😉

This experience has humbled me, from the chauffeur who would open the door, to the security guard who would support me to climb the only step I encountered, the lift man and the assistant who was a call away also! Needless to mention all those lovely folks who smiled and gave me get well soon messages.

In the midst of the excitement I was very sad that my first cast was incomplete, as not many wrote. Well as the saying goes, the once who was meant to write the first special note, did come my creative bro, who in fraction of a minute drew the episode which was endearing, followed with loving comments by others and my son’s GWS Mom and a signature from another one. Not many had written, either out of lack of knowledge or for not giving me the pleasure for filling my first cast 😉 It was as emotional ‘cos my first cast was adhura..mera pehla cast adhura hi reh gaya (kkhh)

God had better plans for me and I got a new trendy cast and I was happy again. But the shy me never went asking for autographs and the fearless once expressed their love anyways. The second cast had some exciting messages!! The millenials are indeed trendy – love them! My creative niece scribbled it up and made up for all the blank part!

Mid November I made certain comments that December is a busy month with many social evenings, and I would have to cancel certain plans, destiny darling made sure he made my wish come true , that no such plans happened. The episode was not too traumatic nor dramatic to be shared with many close friends, so the news was shared almost as soon as I recovered.

All those reading this will have some thoughts coming up their mind, the Nautanki at her worst again , but then that’s me 😉

This long dreary post is for all those who would have loved to scribble for me, but I wanted to save you the trouble of writing, for such cute friends, key in your comments!

My Secret Santa sent me this stick in advance to walk through the worries away to the new welcoming year. I pray that your Secret Santa showers you with wonderful presents along the way.

As the last week of this wonderful year comes with many of my firsts of 2016, here I cast my first cast away.



Courage overtakes fear

IMG_1804 (1)
My first drive may seem like a very amateur topic for all the seasoned confident folks behind the steering wheel. Without sounding sexist, I know of many my friends who simply can’t overtake this fear. Hope this little piece give them the small push.
My first stint behind the steering was on the old Mumbai Pune road . Thanks to the system we all face, One Mr S Bhai assured me he will make sure that I get my license within a month .  A decade back getting a license was on  my top to do list .Hence all my focus was on getting a license rather than driving a vehicle. After multiple breaks in my class I finally appeared the RTO test and cleared it, within a week I had my driving license.
I had a brief tryst with the mighty four wheeler I almost bumped my bros car , the tremor of which still echoes in my ear. That incident shattered my  confidence . I could also not figure out the working of the engine, the functions of the clutch, how to change the tyre if it is punctured , there were many an unanswered FAQs which my mind couldnt comprehend and understand. To add to the numerous jokes floating around on lady drivers added up my worry.
I brought my car with usual bout of excitement, assuming that if I get my own car, I will finally drive on my own . Deep down I knew it would be still a long while before I go on my first lone drive.  My main worry was what if I bang on to someone. The fear of killing an innocent by-passer or some kid crossing the road was so prominent that these thoughts would panic me.
I was ready to compromise my so called independence in favour of innocents being injured on the road.
I did not lose my time, I continued my  revision classes on my own vehicle . Spent some more grands , there is no count of the hours my brother spent in just letting me drive . Still my car lied in my parking for a long while. I could drive with trained guys next to me, which was my only solace. The misery reached its height when my son innocently would ask, ” Mom , will you ever drive ? Will you ever be confident?” It was really painful when he also missed his school bus , no autos around and the car lied idle majestically.
That’s when the heavens sent me an angel. She enquired why I commuted in an auto with a car lying idle in my parking . I admitted I lacked the confidence and could only drive with trained ones sitting next to me. She asked if I knew the basics. I affirmed . She assured me that she  will sit in the companion seat and asked me to drive to work . During those days my office was closer home. I tried to put this off, however she was relentless. Gathering all my guts I mustered strength and took the car, the worst fear of knocking off someone slowly subsided.   Saving the Angel next to me was important who believed in me more than I believed in myself. I covered the two km drive amidst residents and finally parked in front of my office. While parking a cute girl asked me why did  I not release the hand brake. To my utter surprise I never realized that this was also an important task apart from the ABC of driving i.e Accelerator+ Brake +Clutch .
I learnt some more theories along the way as then there was no looking back (pun intended)!
I know many a young chicks who have the license to drive but they have this big fear to overcome. If a cat does cross your way apply the big B!!! Please put your comments if you just overtook your fear or else I have an angel waiting for you too :)!
Tread and drive fearlessly in the roads of life …

Make your Acronym work for you



There is more to it than what meets the eye or the words that you hear. Read on to unravel how KK fought the mighty war of Procrastination and some more truths along..

Acronym, as we know is an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a Word. Acronyms were always used to memorize difficult words. VIBGYOR and BODMAS have been  effective acronyms in our early days . Many of us still use it to crack a problem without gadgets or google around us.

In an age of  fast cars, racing bikes , fast food and constant distractions it becomes difficult to catch up attention of fellow mates and get things done.   Leadership styles are  changing.   Age or experience is no longer a criteria for gaining respect from team mates.  In the start up era where the CEO and co-workers   work  hand  in hand , the formal  mode of communication and processes take a short cut.

Apart from the commonly used words like GBTW ( Get back to Work ) , I coined catchy Acronyms to grab the attention and get things done

When the team is new or if you are managing the millennials of today, you cannot drag them from the coffee machine or  chai ki tapri to the work station. Conventional  motivational methods does help. However, without  getting into a battle of words, I developed my mechanism to build up a rapport of friendship and trust.

One of my favorite acronym which I coined with my team mates  is    KK  (Khatam Kar – (Hindi translation – Finish it) I would say lets KK (Lets get it done with!)  Now here I could convey the message and express the urgency. When we are in the rush of setting up things, we really do not have the luxury of not deciding, so KK was my answer to procrastination.

Some common local lingual to fall out of  the trap of societal or peer pressure was to rise above  LKK mode (Log Kya Kehenge- hindi translation what will people say?).

Having work related acronyms –

  1. Is one of the best ice breakers
  2. Acts as unwritten code of conduct within team.
  3. It improves bonding among  team mates as it becomes a private slang or private code.
  4. It breaks the barrier of communication and lightens the atmosphere.

I am sure this little piece will give you a subtle way of conveying messages assertively  build up an informal culture of camaraderie .

On my personal front, KK helped me and my son to complete lot of milestones and  projects on time 🙂

So what’s the Acronym you just coined in your mind ? Do share 🙂

Make everything as simple as possible , not simpler – Albert Einstein

Pic credit :englishinbulgaria.files.wordpress.com