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There is more to it than what meets the eye or the words that you hear. Read on to unravel how KK fought the mighty war of Procrastination and some more truths along..

Acronym, as we know is an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a Word. Acronyms were always used to memorize difficult words. VIBGYOR and BODMAS have been  effective acronyms in our early days . Many of us still use it to crack a problem without gadgets or google around us.

In an age of  fast cars, racing bikes , fast food and constant distractions it becomes difficult to catch up attention of fellow mates and get things done.   Leadership styles are  changing.   Age or experience is no longer a criteria for gaining respect from team mates.  In the start up era where the CEO and co-workers   work  hand  in hand , the formal  mode of communication and processes take a short cut.

Apart from the commonly used words like GBTW ( Get back to Work ) , I coined catchy Acronyms to grab the attention and get things done

When the team is new or if you are managing the millennials of today, you cannot drag them from the coffee machine or  chai ki tapri to the work station. Conventional  motivational methods does help. However, without  getting into a battle of words, I developed my mechanism to build up a rapport of friendship and trust.

One of my favorite acronym which I coined with my team mates  is    KK  (Khatam Kar – (Hindi translation – Finish it) I would say lets KK (Lets get it done with!)  Now here I could convey the message and express the urgency. When we are in the rush of setting up things, we really do not have the luxury of not deciding, so KK was my answer to procrastination.

Some common local lingual to fall out of  the trap of societal or peer pressure was to rise above  LKK mode (Log Kya Kehenge- hindi translation what will people say?).

Having work related acronyms –

  1. Is one of the best ice breakers
  2. Acts as unwritten code of conduct within team.
  3. It improves bonding among  team mates as it becomes a private slang or private code.
  4. It breaks the barrier of communication and lightens the atmosphere.

I am sure this little piece will give you a subtle way of conveying messages assertively  build up an informal culture of camaraderie .

On my personal front, KK helped me and my son to complete lot of milestones and  projects on time 🙂

So what’s the Acronym you just coined in your mind ? Do share 🙂

Make everything as simple as possible , not simpler – Albert Einstein

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