Courage overtakes fear

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My first drive may seem like a very amateur topic for all the seasoned confident folks behind the steering wheel. Without sounding sexist, I know of many my friends who simply can’t overtake this fear. Hope this little piece give them the small push.
My first stint behind the steering was on the old Mumbai Pune road . Thanks to the system we all face, One Mr S Bhai assured me he will make sure that I get my license within a month .  A decade back getting a license was on  my top to do list .Hence all my focus was on getting a license rather than driving a vehicle. After multiple breaks in my class I finally appeared the RTO test and cleared it, within a week I had my driving license.
I had a brief tryst with the mighty four wheeler I almost bumped my bros car , the tremor of which still echoes in my ear. That incident shattered my  confidence . I could also not figure out the working of the engine, the functions of the clutch, how to change the tyre if it is punctured , there were many an unanswered FAQs which my mind couldnt comprehend and understand. To add to the numerous jokes floating around on lady drivers added up my worry.
I brought my car with usual bout of excitement, assuming that if I get my own car, I will finally drive on my own . Deep down I knew it would be still a long while before I go on my first lone drive.  My main worry was what if I bang on to someone. The fear of killing an innocent by-passer or some kid crossing the road was so prominent that these thoughts would panic me.
I was ready to compromise my so called independence in favour of innocents being injured on the road.
I did not lose my time, I continued my  revision classes on my own vehicle . Spent some more grands , there is no count of the hours my brother spent in just letting me drive . Still my car lied in my parking for a long while. I could drive with trained guys next to me, which was my only solace. The misery reached its height when my son innocently would ask, ” Mom , will you ever drive ? Will you ever be confident?” It was really painful when he also missed his school bus , no autos around and the car lied idle majestically.
That’s when the heavens sent me an angel. She enquired why I commuted in an auto with a car lying idle in my parking . I admitted I lacked the confidence and could only drive with trained ones sitting next to me. She asked if I knew the basics. I affirmed . She assured me that she  will sit in the companion seat and asked me to drive to work . During those days my office was closer home. I tried to put this off, however she was relentless. Gathering all my guts I mustered strength and took the car, the worst fear of knocking off someone slowly subsided.   Saving the Angel next to me was important who believed in me more than I believed in myself. I covered the two km drive amidst residents and finally parked in front of my office. While parking a cute girl asked me why did  I not release the hand brake. To my utter surprise I never realized that this was also an important task apart from the ABC of driving i.e Accelerator+ Brake +Clutch .
I learnt some more theories along the way as then there was no looking back (pun intended)!
I know many a young chicks who have the license to drive but they have this big fear to overcome. If a cat does cross your way apply the big B!!! Please put your comments if you just overtook your fear or else I have an angel waiting for you too :)!
Tread and drive fearlessly in the roads of life …