Cast Finally Away

This blog is a rather long dreary unplanned one just like the Cast which was cast over me.

A lovely wintry weekend morning, the usual urge to remain fit pushed me out for a morning walk. However that morning  I was far too excited to try my jogging as the overly publicised SCMM was few weeks away. I  desperately needed to make it to the “Dream Run” ! Little did I know that the Dream Run was a Nightmare round the corner!

For a 40+ , the ideal way was  to take the elevator , however the overtly enthusiast A+ personality decided to tide against time and use the stairs and top it by racing her teen son. Three floors down,I was leading and then the thump and the twist, thankfully I did not topple down. The ‘ouch’ made sonny worried!” Its ok mamma “lifted the spirited mom and continued limping down and in no time walking and then a few jog to push the young chap to run further. After a few hours of usual weekend chores and drive, I realised the pain needed the doctors attention.

The OT room sounds deadly but that was where I was (it being a casualty room) the Doctor categorically said “Madam, yes you will have to be on this ‘cast’ for atleast a month”! These words hit me and I was in for the shocker shock of this year! I asked him in many words if this is really a fracture, as what had happened was  a twist in my routine, pun intended!

This episode was really getting serious, month end, my bosses and my family out there who were totally unawares , worried me. All said and done, I was wrapped up in my first and I called my angel bro to get me picked up, another pun. Two sweet assistants stretched me till the car and lo my hulk bro lifted and dumped me in. Knowing the selfie freak , he clicked me with my first cast as soon as I stepped out!

Within few days, I was out to work with my walker. The feeling was similar to having a new toy, from excitement and then to embarrassment! I  remembered my Doctors words, use this walker  for yourself and not to shield LKK  syndrome ( log kya kehenge) just ignore and walk with confidence.


I am indeed blessed to be surrounded with wonderful people, my boss, my colleagues who walked up to me for anything. I did not have to throw my weight (pun again) around over the last month. For this  I also heard a comment that I will have to start walking soon to shed those extra pounds 😉

This experience has humbled me, from the chauffeur who would open the door, to the security guard who would support me to climb the only step I encountered, the lift man and the assistant who was a call away also! Needless to mention all those lovely folks who smiled and gave me get well soon messages.

In the midst of the excitement I was very sad that my first cast was incomplete, as not many wrote. Well as the saying goes, the once who was meant to write the first special note, did come my creative bro, who in fraction of a minute drew the episode which was endearing, followed with loving comments by others and my son’s GWS Mom and a signature from another one. Not many had written, either out of lack of knowledge or for not giving me the pleasure for filling my first cast 😉 It was as emotional ‘cos my first cast was adhura..mera pehla cast adhura hi reh gaya (kkhh)

God had better plans for me and I got a new trendy cast and I was happy again. But the shy me never went asking for autographs and the fearless once expressed their love anyways. The second cast had some exciting messages!! The millenials are indeed trendy – love them! My creative niece scribbled it up and made up for all the blank part!

Mid November I made certain comments that December is a busy month with many social evenings, and I would have to cancel certain plans, destiny darling made sure he made my wish come true , that no such plans happened. The episode was not too traumatic nor dramatic to be shared with many close friends, so the news was shared almost as soon as I recovered.

All those reading this will have some thoughts coming up their mind, the Nautanki at her worst again , but then that’s me 😉

This long dreary post is for all those who would have loved to scribble for me, but I wanted to save you the trouble of writing, for such cute friends, key in your comments!

My Secret Santa sent me this stick in advance to walk through the worries away to the new welcoming year. I pray that your Secret Santa showers you with wonderful presents along the way.

As the last week of this wonderful year comes with many of my firsts of 2016, here I cast my first cast away.