Women Leaders – Series 1

It’s been on my mind to write about enterprising gals who want to make it on their own. NaMo supporting the Make in India drive, I couldn’t help noticing the budding or blossomed bouquet of ladies who are creating a niche for themselves.

This series is gonna be my experiences with fascinating ladies who took a break from their main stream career or who decided to just BE Themselves. Some gals I admire.

Madhura has a natural inclination towards arts. She has choreographed dances for kids and ladies alike. Every dance choreographed by her has more depth than what meets the eye.

From making kids Patriotic in one year and making a recap of Bahubali the other, the creative director in her definitely screams out.

One year it was the ladies coming together for #MileSurMeraTumhara and this year about #womenempowerment and recognising the #streeshakti and divine powers within every lady. It was a group effort and it was a visual treat.

Madhura’s latest venture is #SilverStories . This took of as a very simple jewellery group , it is now being re-branded as #designyourjewellery #refurbishyouroldjewellery #createamakeover at #affordable #rates.

Last week I was confused what to wear with my latest saree, lo she created 3 options. The advantage of being the next door I had an option to wear what suited my frame of mind in the morning.

I proudly present Madhura Magdum to my friends. You can WhatsApp her for your jewellery needs. It’s a gifting season specially for the women in your life…

Trust me she can create interesting stuff, to top you design it in your mind and she will create it for you!

Wishing Madhura the best in her new venture. As we venture out this week celebrating the Women around ,let me wish this lady abundance good fortune her way !

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